I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years – Chapter 74

The Problem with Sleeping when Travelling

That night, we went to sleep on magnificent beds.

Since we weren’t split into our own rooms and instead all stayed in one big one, we’d all be sleeping together for once.


However, a tiny problem that only really occurs when travelling came up.


It happened about twenty minutes after we all went to bed. Sharusha started fidgeting restlessly.

“Kaa-san… Sharusha can’t fall asleep in a different bed…”

I see. Sharusha had a pretty sensitive personality so this didn’t come as a surprise.

Alright, I guess I can show off my motherly side.


“Okay Sharusha, want to sleep together? You can come join me in my bed.”

Sharusha nodded without hesitation.


Sharusha hugged me tight and went to sleep.

People feel relaxed when they’re hugging something and when you’re relaxed it’s easier to sleep.


But this time, Farufa, who had no problems falling asleep, woke up.


“Farufa got thirsty and woke up…”

I see… It’s a lot more well ventilated here than at home so it’s a lot easier to get thirsty.


“Huh, Sharusha’s not here. Where’d she go?”

“Sharusha is here sleeping with mama”

“No fair-! Farufa’s joining!”

Of course she would.

“Sure, come right in. Don’t make too much noise though or you’ll wake up the others.”

“Yeah!” Farufa shouted loudly.


“Nnn…” Leica stirred in her sleep from Farufa’s voice but didn’t wake up. Whew, what a relief.


And so Farufa also started hugging me. As a mother, this made me happy, but if I was perfectly honest, this situation made it kinda hard to sleep…


“Ane-san, would you like me to sing something?”

Rosary floated past unsteadily. It was a pretty bizarre suggestion coming from a ghost.

“It’s fine. I think it’d wake me up even more instead…”


As we were talking, Harukara suddenly got up.


“Getting thirsty really wakes you up…”

Sleeping in an unfamiliar bed sure does make it hard to get any sleep.

“Ah~ I brought some incense that helps you relax and get a restful sleep. Should I use some? Fua~h…”

“Oh, sounds good! Do it, do it!”

Harukara is never wrong when it comes to herbs. She’s sure to have brought some good incense.


Harukara set up the incense but then left afterwards holding a towel and looking a bit disoriented with the words ‘might as well take a nighttime bath”


Alright, this time I’ll fall asleep for sure.

The gentle scent of the incense calmed my nerves. Yeah, this stuff seems to work pretty well. Let’s sleep til morning… Just a bit more and I’ll be able to sleep!


“U~n, this lodge really does make one thirsty…”

Leica woke up.

Oh come on! Everyone waking up at staggered times really makes it hard to focus on falling asleep! The disadvantages of sharing a large room are really coming out!


Still, I’ll pull myself together and get some sleep. I was just on the brink of falling asleep earlier so surely I’ll be able to!


Then Harukara came back.


“Whew~ Having a bath at night is pretty good~ I went in with that girl Vahnia too~ The water felt great~ My body is all nice and warm now so let me just hop into my futon and fall right to sleep!”


Be it summer or fall, it’s easier to fall asleep right after getting out of the bath. In the summer, the water will vaporize or something and relieve you from the heat, while in the winter the opposite happens and it warms you right up.

However, that only applies to the people who actually took a bath.


“Geez… Harukara, the noise you made coming in woke me up…”

“Sorry! I thought everyone was already asleep so I got a little careless…”


Well, at this point I was already terribly exhausted so I finally fell asleep—


“Good morning mama! It’s daytime!”

This time I was woken up by Farufa who was always an early riser.


“Is that right… If possible, mama wanted to sleep a little more…”

Next to me, Sharusha was already rustling awake so I gave up.


“But the sun outside is so pretty!”

Farufa opened a window.

True, I could clearly see the sunrise.

The scenery from so high up in air wasn’t half bad. My mood started to pick up.


Leica also seemed to have woken up without me noticing.


“Splendid. Even I am starting to feel a little sentimental”

“Since we’re all up already, shall we just head up to the observation space?”

At this point, everywhere around us looked like a wasteland. We had already left the kingdom and were well inside demon’s territory. It was desolate but looking at the expanse from above was interesting enough.


“Yeah, this is really starting to feel like a sightseeing trip now. It’s pretty nice.”

“Within this vast stretch of land resides my infinitesimal existence. It truly makes one appreciate how big the world is.

Sharusha being Sharusha couldn’t help but to wax poetic about her experience.


“Farufa has never seen a view like this before. It’s really cool!”

Farufa on the other hand was fired up and skipping about in excitement.


“I myself have also never flown to a wasteland like this before so it all feels quite mysterious. I have only now come to appreciate just how far away the demon territory really is.”

“I’d have never thought that there could be an expanse of so much nothing. Even if there’s no town, I’d have expected maybe like a forest or like a hill, anything really.”

“A vast stretch of land with nary a person living in it. Truly fascinating.”


I woke up a bit earlier than expected, but experiencing something like this made up for it.

“Ane-san, shall I wake up Harukara-anego?” Rosary asked.

“Hmm, it’ll be fine to let her sleep, but it doesn’t feel right for her to miss this. Could you?”


Harukara came up but it seemed like she was still half asleep because she started saying weird things like ‘Whoa, what an amazing factory’

“If we were allowed to start mining this wasteland, we could chance upon some nice minerals to use for making medicine. This is actually a treasure trove.”

Or maybe she was actually awake? It’s a little hard to tell.


Well, I did end up waking up a bit too early, but if the result is some nice memories with my family then I guess this is fine.


Author’s Note: My work ‘I Level Up Easily Thanks to My Cat with Cheat Powers. Furthermore, She Turned Into a Catgirl and we Flirt and Love Each Other” is being published (The details are written on my activity page). I’ll do my best to keep updating Slime and my other works! Thank you for your support!

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