I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years – Chapter 79

A Helper Arrives

“She should wake up if we can get this into her mouth. As a side note, this stuff is crazy good for your health.”


I’ve seen these sorts of punishment games a lot on TV. Stuff like making someone drink super bitter tea.


Making too much of a fuss would would alert the guards, so rather than shouting it out, Farufa made a gesture that seemed to say “Alright~ You did it~”.


“Okay then, so the problem now is how to bring this over to where the demon lord is resting…”

“Do you know where she is?” inquired Sharusha.

“Honesty I have no clue. She was knocked unconscious, so maybe she’s in her bedroom or perhaps a sick bay of some sort…”


“Ane-san, I could check around by slipping through the walls! I also know where we are!”

Rosary put her hand to her chest showing how motivated she was. It’s true that she would be the most suitable candidate for this task.

“There’s a good chance the other demons could see you considering how Beelzebub is able to, so that carries a high risk of you getting caught… You don’t have any skills in espionage after all…”

She was searching outside earlier which made it much easier. The chance of getting spotted while searching within the castle on the other had was far, far higher.


“I’m sorry, but Harukara’s life is at stake here, so I’d like to go with a more definite method. It’s possible that you’ll also be indicted if you’re caught too.

“I understand… You’re right, I’m just a no-good delinquent ghost after all…”


I felt a bit bad for Rosary, but I’ll acknowledge her sentiments at least. Having said that though, I couldn’t come up with any plans to get us past this obstacle.


— Then came the sound of the window opening.

Ah, we didn’t shut the windows. It can’t be that they found out about us escaping through them? But if they were going to come in to investigate, then they would come in through the door rather than the window wouldn’t they?


“I’m glad it was open…”

Through the open window came Beelzebub’s subordinate Vahnia.

“Wait, why are you here!?”

“Beelzebub-sama ordered me to give this to you… It’s the floorplan of Vanzeld castle.”


It might’ve been a pretty nerve wracking task seeing as Vahnia had her hand upon her chest soothing her heart.

What Vania pulled out was definitely a floorplan.


“Demon lord-sama is resting in the infirmary on the second floor of the detached building there. ‘If demon lord-sama wakes up, then things will surely work out’ — is what Beelzebub-sama said”

“Thank you! You’ve given us some extremely valuable information!”


— Suddenly, the lookout opened the door. Just as that happened, Leica shoved Vahnia through the door to the bathroom.

“Excuse me, but it seemed quite noisy in here.”

“Ah, sorry. You know, we have kids here after all…”

“Castles are magnificent aren’t they~ They’re so picturesque and have such a deeply refinement to them~” Sharusha tried her best to play the role of a hyperactive child. She wasn’t smiling at all and her expression was hardly childlike, making it seem especially fake.

Farufa came by and pulled Sharusha about, pitter pattering around the room

“Yay, It’s so roomy! Run around with me Sharusha!”


“Well this building isn’t so poorly built that sound would leak down to the lower floors, so please feel free.”

The lookout seemed to accept it and then closed the door. That was dangerous…


“I hit my head…” Vahnia said as she came out rubbing her head. This girl seems to be the type that somehow gets drawn towards hardships, somewhat similar to Harukara.


“I’m grateful for the floorplan, but the problem is how we’re going to get there.”

There’s no way they’d allow anyone to enter the place where the demon lord is lying unconscious.

“I do have magic to transform myself but… It’ll be a problem if there are any demons that can see through magic… I don’t think I’d be able to fool a high level demon.”


“Beelzebub-sama has a plan regarding that as well.”

“Really!? That would be a great help!”

I owe Beelzebub yet another one. If she were to ever run for office as a politician, I’m going to need to campaign for her.


Vahnia pulled out a headband with two horns coming out of it.

On top of that, an attachable tail.

“Put these on and pretend to be a demo– Uhm, highland witch-sama, you’re making a really scary face right now. It’s a bit intense…”

“There’s no way these props for some cheap skit would work! Be real here!”

Harukara’s life was at stake you know.


“No, I’m serious… The horns and tail were made from parts of an actual animal, so you can’t tell they’re fake with just a glance… If you wear a hood or something to cover the headband part, things will work out somehow.”

“Then what about the tail?”

“I’ve brought clothes mean for demons that have an opening around the bottom to let the tail go through”


Clothes with a hole near your butt… I was a bit hesitant, but it can’t be helped.


“The plan is for you to put on these clothes and reach where the demon lord-sama is by trying to pass yourself off as a doctor. This Vahnia shall guide you. I-I don’t really want to do this, but Beelzebub-sama ordered me to…”


Vahnia might’ve imagined some terrible situation as her face turned pale.

“If they find out about this, they’ll kill you as well won’t they.”

“Just how could things have come to this. I don’t get it…”

It’s Harulara’s fault. My apologies.


“However, since there’s no way we can force ourselves in through the front, your method of reaching the demon lord might be the right approach.”

“Yes. The vassals are in a state of emergency from demon lord-sama falling unconscious, so there’s a good chance they won’t know in fine detail which doctor is being sent to see her. More like I want to believe that that’s the case…”


There’s no way she would know even that much after all. The plan had some gung ho aspects to it.


“Got it. Vahnia, please guide me there.”

“I shall. We’ll leave through the window then head towards where the demon lord-sama is while you pose as a doctor.”

I’ll need to leave some instructions for the ones remaining here as well.


“Leica, if enemies come attacking, take the two girls and run away somewhere outside. I don’t plan on losing, so I’ll definitely be able to meet up with you somewhere.”

“Yes, I’ll be sure to protect these two,” Leica responded in a dignified manner.


“Rosary, you escape with Leica. Either that or make use of the fact that you’re a ghost and escape to a place where the demons can’t find you.”

“In that case, I’ll hide inside of a wall. The demons shouldn’t be able to see me then.”

She can exist within the walls huh. That would be safer if that’s the case.


“Alright, I wish you all luck. Wish me luck too, okay!”

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