I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years – Chapter 80

To the Demon Lord

I donned the disguise and left through the window with Vahnia.


“Now then, I shall be leading you to where demon lord-sama is resting. Please don’t forget your role as a doctor.”

“No problem. You’ve even given me some tools of the trade.”

Aside from the doctor’s attire, I was given a wooden box full of medicine. I swapped the contents of one of the glass bottles with the wake up medicine and sealed the cap. Beelzebub was quite meticulous.


While we were approaching the building where the demon lord was staying, we were stopped a number of times for inspection, but with the phrase “I’m Beelzebub-sama’s subordinate Vahnia. On orders of Beelzebub-sama, I’m here to bring the doctor,” and showing something like a staff member seal, they let us through.


Vahnia and Beelzebub were both actual staff members, so there was little to suspect. They were far less suspicious of us than I expected.

If we can keep pushing our way through like this, then it’ll be our win.


We finally arrived at the building where the demon lord was at.

Passing through the inspection and entering the building, we finally reach its second floor. There the leaders of the demon race were lined up. Beelzebub was also among them.


“Hrm, who are you people?”

A stern male demon that looked to be one of the leaders called out to us.

“I’m Beelzebub’s subordinate. I’ve brought a doctor for demon lord-sama…”

Vahnia wasn’t talking to some small fry, so she was quivering a bit.

“Doctor? There hasn’t been any confirmation that Beelzebub has called for one. In the first place, it’s been determined that we’ll be using a doctor from within the organization.”


Ah, this is bad…

Looks like Beelzebub wasn’t able to uphold the plan all the way to this point and was hanging her head.

“That doctor’s horns also seem suspicious. Aren’t those fake horns? Let me take a closer look.”


“Guess it can’t be helped.”

I took off the hood and threw away the headband with the horns.


“I’m the witch of the highland Azusa! I’ve come bringing medicine to awaken the demon lord! I’ll wake her up at once, so allow me to pass!”

I’m here trying to help. There’s no need to feel shame about that, so it’s better to be bold about it.

“‘Come to wake her up’ my ass! There’s a limit to how suspicious you can be! Everyone, apprehend them!”


As expected, this is what it’s come to. But I’m not going to quietly let myself get caught.


I immediately closed in on the man – he had large horns and looked like some kind of bull demon lord – and physically hit him.


The man for an instant turned into a く shape almost as if he snapped. Normally, this would be enough to take someone out, but–


“Curse you… Who in the world is this human…?”

He didn’t so much as faint. The leaders of the demon race were all something else weren’t they.

But I can’t just sit here frozen in admiration.


This time I gave him a roundhouse kick! On top of that, I made him eat a chop and yet another roundhouse kick!

Upon receiving this succession of attacks, the male demon was forced to focus on defense. Now’s my chance. I closed in for a full-fisted punch!


The man was finally knocked out.

Let’s catch a quick breath. The medicine was in the way so I placed it on the floor, and then I checked my surroundings. There were about ten enemies. Vahnia was quite easily captured. Beelzebub was feigning ignorance saying “I know nothing about this, nothing!” keeping two of them who came to question her at bay.


Even so, there still remained around five people before the demon lord’s room.

Bring it on. I’ll give you a fight.


“Let me through to the demon lord!”

I quickly approached the bunch who were guarding the demon lord.

“Everyone, defend with your lives! You’re allowed to cast magic!”

Blizzards, windblades, and the like were launched.

Those attacks slightly tore at my clothes. I also took a bit of damage.


But that’s it.


“What, they were only at this level huh.”

I then noted how they were all filled with dread.

If they can only do this much, then it’ll be impossible for them to stop a level 99.

“If you’re going to get in my way, then I’ll just take you all down!”


I appeared right in front of an enemy.

There I gave a one-two punch! Then a kick!

I teleported again, appearing behind another one and gave a combination punch!


“I don’t know where the enemy is going to appear!”

“Her destructive power is just too much”

“Someone, cast recovery magic!”


The demons were erupting in a panic. Stay like that.


I appeared from the back again, and this time a jumping kick!

A body was straight up sent flying.


Then I gave a nearby enemy a punch! A clean hit to the chin!

Taking that opportunity, I went behind the one that captured Vania and then gave a kick to the back of their head!


“This is impossible… What kind of stats does she have…”

This made me realize that even to the demons I was abnormal.


I did the same thing to the remaining opponents and pounded them down.

Teleporting then using hand-to-hand combat could hardly be called a strategy. As expected, continuously leveling up is the quickest route to becoming the strongest.


I knocked out the soldiers guarding the demon lord’s room, armor and all.


In the end everyone was wiped out besides Beelzebub.


“I-I didn’t think things would end up like this…”

Even Beelzebub was shaking in her boots.

“If you were to seriously try, you’d be able to destroy a country by yourself…”


“I might’ve gone a bit overboard… But with this, I can look after the demon lord as much as I want.”


I took the medicine box and entered the room where the demon lord was resting.

The demon lord, Provat Pecola Aryess, was sleeping on a futon that had a large canopy.


Alright, everything will be fine if I can get the wake up medicine into her mouth.


I brought the medicine closer to her mouth. I need to get her mouth open, so I’ll need to touch her face a bit-


At that instant the demon lord’s eyes opened — and hit my head with a thrust.




I wasn’t able to avoid in time and took a blow to my head… Owowow… My defense was high so it didn’t inflict much damage though.


“I sensed someone insolent drawing closer, so I woke up by instinct.”

The demon lord was already awake. I see, she could detect enemies even while she’s unconscious huh. As expected of the demon lord.


……… Wait a minute.

Being recognized as an enemy by the demon lord is bad in quite a few ways…


“Um, demon lord-sama, I’m not here to try to defeat you or anything like that…”

“The witch of the highland Azusa-san, have a duel with me.”

The demon lord brandished the sword she used for self defense.


Things have really taken a turn…

Author’s Note: Next time, a fight with the demon lord!

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  1. I’m guessing the Demon Lord would’ve wanted a duel either way.

    Also, if the plan was to basically shock her awake…why not just use a glass of water or something?

    Should be interesting at least.

    1. Demons are harder to wake up of a faint and we’re talking about the top of the country here, that would’ve been disrepectful

      1. I mean, shoving stuff into their mouth that’s so bitter it’s expected to wake them up (presumably while spitting it out) somehow isn’t disrespectful?

        I feel like being startled by cold water would probably be about as effective as tasting something bitter. Granted simply approaching the Demon Lord did it anyway.

  2. She actually organized that to have a duel with her didn’t she?

    I mean harukara managing to knock her out, harukara of all the possible persons…

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