I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years – Chapter 82

Tea with the Demon Lord

“Pecola, make sure Harukara is safely released. That girl had no ill will, I can guarantee it. Well, even if she didn’t mean it, she would probably still get executed for assaulting you… But it’ll be annulled if you were to order it right?”


“Understood onee-sama. I will absolutely not allow any harm to come to onee-sama’s friends.”


Pecola (I’ve decided to just call her this) went over to the pile of knocked over demon leaders and said, “Azusa-san had no intention of attacking me. Do not regard her as an enemy.”


The leaders who were still conscious prostrated themselves before her.


“Also, please help Harukara-san, the one who headbutted me. No harm should befall any of Azusa-san’s family members.”


Immediately after, demons who looked like messengers were called in. They then headed over to the detention center to carry on the message.

Harukara should be saved with this. I’m glad.


“Somehow things seemed to have worked out…”

Beelzebub gave out an exhausted sigh.

“Ah, I’ve also been saved haven’t I… Thank goodness…”

Vahnia was bound, coiled up in rope.


“It looks like quite a few things happened while I was unconscious. I would like to carry out an inspection to assess how well the country functions in the event where I’m unavailable, but we shall leave that to a later date. We should first move on with preparations so that tomorrow’s ceremony can happen as scheduled.”

The demons nodded, then left in small groups as they proceeded to carry out their tasks. She was composed, and as expected of the demon lord, her dignified mannerisms were something else.


“Ah, demon lord-sama could you please also let my family members know that everything’s been resolved?”

“If you don’t say it like an onee-sama then I won’t listen,” Pecola said with a straight face.

“… Pecola, let my family members know as well. As soon as you can.”

“If it’s onee-sama’s orders, then I’ll carry them out right this instant.”


She’ll listen to whatever I say so long as I make it seem like an order. I guess I can say I’m grateful for that.

After having done so much hard work, I’m pretty beat. It’s really nerve wracking when someone’s life is hanging on the balance. My shoulders were feeling stiff even though I was level 99.

“Pecola, let’s have a tea break. Go set it up.”

“Understood. This building has fallen into a poor state, so let’s go to another one nearby and have it prepared there.”


With that, I was going to idle and have tea with the demon lord Pecola. Some would think it’d be odd to have a tea party right now, but I’d say that this was the perfect time to. Tea would work to calm myself down a bit.

By the way, Pecola was clinging onto my arm as we were heading over to have our tea. She was probably looking for someone with whom she could have this sort of skinship with.


“I’m so happy to have gotten an onee-sama. I’ve grown tired of having everyone obey every word that I say.”

“Was there no other demon that you could look up to, like a teacher or someone?”

“As soon as anyone sees me, they all end up lowering themselves, so I wasn’t really able to build that kind of relationship with anyone.”

It’s not like I don’t get where she’s coming from. I have thought a few times that having so many people revere me as the witch of the highland was kind of tiresome. It was great that Beelzebub treated me as an equal.


“Onee-sama, what sort of tea would you like?”

“I don’t know what kinds of tea you serve here, so I’ll try whatever you recommend. Impress me with your tastes.”


The two of us entered a luxurious looking room alone together.

The vassals that came by carried in a drink that seemed an awful lot like a spicy soup.


“What, is this?”

“It’s nsja tea.”

Sure was hard to pronounce. It was probably something similar to butter tea. The demon territory was up towards the north, so they might’ve needed something to warm themselves up. This was actually pretty tasty once you got used to it.


“Ahh, having tea with onee-sama. I’ve been looking forward to this day. It was right for me to choose you as the candidate for our medal of honor. I didn’t expect to lose consciousness though.”

Was it possible that she summoned me here specifically to establish this enigmatic pseudo-sister relationship?

“If the demon race can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. If it’s for onee-sama, then I’m willing to do anything.”


So I could order around the whole demon race now…

Before I knew it, I got my hands on some kind of weird authority… I could destroy a country depending on how I use it…

To play the role of onee-sama which she was calling me as, I was thinking it wouldn’t be right to be too cordial with her, so I refrained from speaking too often to try to give off a cool vibe.


“Ah~, this is good. This is goood-… Having a cool witch as an onee-sama is the best-…”

My little act was actually a huge success!? This demon lord has some drool coming out of her mouth. Is this really okay…

“Azusa onee-sama, my heart skipped a beat when you pinned me against the wall with a kabe don… A woman with such a gallant expression ordering me around, it’s making my heart throb-…”


Looks like I coincidentally matched one of Pecola’s fantasies when I did that. Things went by really smoothly afterwards, so I can call it a success I guess…


“Excuse me onee-sama, but I have one request…”

“What is it, Pecola?”

“Would you please kiss me on the cheek…”


I have a feeling she said something strange.


“In one of my favorite books, there was a scene where the little sister received a kiss from her onee-sama, and I loved it, loved it so much… I’ve always dreamed of it…”

Pecola covered her reddened face with both of her hands.

“Come on, there’s nobody else here right now.”

It’s true that all of the vassals who brought in the tea were gone.


“Come on, you kiss your family members don’t you? This would just be an extension of that.”

Demons do that huh. Back home it was pretty common for family members to give each other kisses as well, but I’ve yet to do the same with mine… I’d be happy to give kisses to my daughters, but if I were to do that, I was quite sure any restraints would disappear and I’d end up giving them to Leica and Harukara as well. That’s why I’ve refrained from doing so for the moment.


“Okay… But just on the cheek alright…”

It’s not like anyone was watching, so it’s fine. Also, it’d be dangerous to treat Pecola poorly right now.

“T-Thank you so much, onee-sama!”

It’s just a kiss on the cheek. There’s no need to get so worked up over it. There’s no romantic feelings behind it either right.

I got up from my seat and approached Pecola’s cheek.

“Close your eyes, Pecola.”

Pecola listened to my command.


Keeping her waiting for too long would end up making me freeze up in embarrassment, so I hurried and drew my lips closer.


At that moment, the door opened.

“Boy was I so scared, master… They were just about to put me into a water chamber to torture me…”


Author’s note: The series that I started near the end of August, “The Mysterious Job Called Oda Nobunaga had Cheat Abilities Beyond a Magic Swordman, so I Decided to Build a Kingdom” was fifth place in the monthly rankings, and first place in the weekly rankings! This is the first time I’ve been in the top 5 for the monthly rankings, so I’m very happy! It’s a war story, but I’d be glad if you would try reading it! http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8486dn/

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