I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years – Chapter 83

Reunited with the Family

At that moment, the door opened.

“Boy was I so scared, master… They were just about to put me into a water chamber to torture me…”

Harukara popped in.

But at that moment I was just about to give Pecola a kiss…


Because of that, the kiss was interrupted, but Harukara clearly witnessed the attempt.

“Eh… Master and the demon lord are togeth… E, Eh, Ehhhh!”

Harukara was obviously panicking.

“Calm down Harukara! No seriously, calm down!”


“Master was the type that ends up liking girls!? I see now… I… I’ll support you.”

“I don’t need that support!”


“But if that’s the case, then why didn’t you approach me when I even live in the same house as you? Am I lacking that much in charm…? I’m getting this strange sense of defeat…”

“You didn’t lose in anything at all! There’s no need to consider that strange sense you’re getting!”


As I was trying to straighten things out, Pecola was looking pissed. More than I’ve ever before witnessed, her face was clearly red with anger.

“To have stepped all over my precious time with onee-sama, how could you have such little delicacy! This I can never forgive! I’ll have you executed!”



“Just  when I thought I was free, I’m back to getting executed-!? Give me a break! I’ll do anything, so please forgive me!”

In the depths of despair, Harukara was on the verge of tears.

“Execution is no good! Forgive her! You can right? right!?”

“Onee-sama, please don’t stop me! That person just crushed one of my dreams!”

“Stop I said! You absolutely need to stop!”


Hrmm… Just what can I do to get her out her bad mood…


“Then should we try the kiss again?”

“The atmosphere’s all ruined now, so no… A kiss between an onee-sama and her little sister is a ritual to strengthen their bonds… It’s not just the simple act of pressing lips…”


She was awfully particular about this.

In the end I was able to avoid having to give her a kiss.

Afterwards I somehow managed to calm Pecola down and got her to forgive Harukara.




After that, I was able to safely reunite with my family.

Upon seeing Harukara’s return, Farufa came flying towards her. Behind Farufa were Sharusha and Leica who both let out a sigh of relief.


“Seriously, that was such a close call. Harukara-san, please live your life with more care.”

“I’ve made you worry haven’t I Leica-san… I’m sorry…”

Harukara seemed to be seriously reflecting this time.

“But all’s well that ends well. Welcome back. You should sit back and relax for the rest of the day.”

Leica’s expression softened. It’s not just her, we were all really worried about Harukara.


“Thank you so much. Just a bit longer and they would’ve tossed me into a water chamber to force a confession out of me…”

It’s a system where punishment begins before the trial’s verdict huh… That was pretty close.


“By the way, where’s Rosary? I don’t see her anywhere.”

Rosary’s face popped out from the wall next to me.

“Ah, sorry, I was inside the wall!”

“Wah! Don’t surprise me like that!

That really startled me. To the point it made me jump and step on Harukara’s foot.


“I see, since I was inside a wall, everyone couldn’t see me. I was here celebrating with everyone too…”

It’s like one of those one-way mirrors…

But this time we really were all gathered together.


Suddenly I thought of something I wanted to try with my two daughters.


“Hey Sharusha, could you come over.”

I beckoned for Sharusha who was closer to me.


“Sharusha, come over here if you could.”

Pitter patter, she came by with a bit of a trot.

I held her up in my arms then gave her a kiss on the cheek.


“Ah, a kiss…”

After I put her down, she stood there dumbfounded for a while.”

“From now on, I’ll be giving you two kisses…… It’s okay if I do right? I did it just now before asking though.”


Inspired by Pecola, I decided that as a mother I should be giving my daughters kisses.

Compared to a normal mother child relationship, the one I had with my daughters was vague at best, so I felt that doing this to validate our relationship was extra important.


“…… I don’t hate it at all.”

Maybe what I did to her embarrassed her, as Sharusha’s face turned a bit red.


“Mama! Farufa too! Farufa too!”

Pyon pyon Farufa was hopping up and down. Of course I’ll give her a kiss. I’ve made it my policy to treat the two girls equally. I can’t pour more love in one over the other just because their personalities are different. The two were both children that I bore from slaying all of those slimes after all.


I picked Farufa up in my arms when she jumped towards me. Then I gave her a kiss.

The two were slime spirits, but their cheeks weren’t actually bouncy like a slime’s — No actually, they were super pliable. Is it because of their youth? Or is it actually because they’re slimes?


“Yaay! Mama gave me a kiss!”

Farufa received it with pure joy and not a hint of embarrassment. That’s right, parents and children don’t need to feel shy in front of each other.


“Mama, Farufa will give you a kiss too!”

“Sure, that’s fine, but could you hold up a bit?”

I’d like to respect their wishes, and equally if possible.

“Sharusha, do you want to give mama a kiss too?”

“Yeah,” Sharusha said as she nodded.


“Then the two of you can give a me a kiss from both sides.”

The two of them matched their timing and both gave me a kiss on the cheek simultaneously.


I’ve just gotten a kiss from my two daughters. Does a so-called mother like me really deserve to have such a riajuu-like[1] time? The answer is obviously no. But I worked really hard today, so I can at least have this much right?


“Okay, thanks you two.”

“I think Farufa loves mama even more now!”

“Love isn’t something you can express with quantifiers like more or less.”

That exchange illustrated the two’s differences.


I have to thank demon lord Pecola for planting in me this idea of kisses.


“Kisses between parent and child are also nice aren’t they.”

It was a voice that I heard just a while ago.

When I turned around, I saw the door open and Pecola entering.

[1]  riajuu (リア充) is a net slang portmanteau of riaru (リアル) for “real or reality” and juujitsu (充実) meaning “fulfilled with”. As the components of the words imply, it’s a phrase used towards people that are living a fulfilling ideal life, usually someone who has a significant other and/or a happy loving family. The phrase is typically used in an envious manner by those who have neither.

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