I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years – Chapter 84

The Demon Lord has Become Attached to me

When I turned around, I saw the door open and Pecola entering.

Harukara was on her toes almost involuntarily. She was put into a pretty dangerous situation by the demon lord after all. Leica was also standing ready. However, the two were getting into position for different reasons. Harukara was ready to flee, while Leica looked ready for battle.


“Pecola, what is it…?”

“I came to ask if everyone has had their meals yet. If not, then I’m wondering if we could eat together.”

I see. That wasn’t a very bad proposition. Rather, once I heard the word meal, I realized that I was absolutely starving.

I mean, I couldn’t very well eat until I could guarantee that everyone was safe. In that regard, the human body could really read the mood.


“That sounds good. Where are we eating?”

“I’ll guide you to the dining hall we have reserved for guests. Let’s head off onee-sama.”

She took my arm as if it was natural.


Out of anyone I’ve ever met, I feel this girl in particular had the most proactive use of body language. Not counting Farufa though, as she’s in a separate category considering she’s my daughter.


“Ah… Azusa-sama…”

Leica seemed a bit forlorn. It’s true that Leica was formally just my disciple, and that was a step behind a little sister. After this, maybe I should dote on her a bit more…


“It feels as if master has been taken away from me. I really am getting this sense of defeat…”

Harukara seemed to have shared Leica’s feelings. Assessing the right sense of distance between us was surprisingly difficult… It’ll be something I’ll need to work on from now on.


“Hey Pecola, aren’t you being a bit too clingy?”

However, Pecola ignored my words and actually clung even tighter.

“This is how a pseudo sister relationship should be. Please help me a bit in fulfilling my dreams onee-sama.”

Well, it couldn’t be helped as there really wasn’t anyone else that could take the role of the demon lord’s older sister. I’m sure this girl was actually quite lonely.


“Fine, fine. I promised you that much didn’t I.”

I stroked Pecola’s head– the part between her two ram-like horns.

“Ah~ I may have fainted today, but now I’m so happy that I’m ready to discount all of those bad things that happened.”

Her so genuinely saying how happy she was made be feel a bit honored.


“Excuse me, onee-sama, would it trouble you to princess carry me over to the dining hall?”

“You’re really good at out ordering people around aren’t you…”

“I’m the demon lord after all.”

I didn’t sense any humility nor any of that nasty thrill some would have when using other people. There was just nothing at all. She’s lived a life where anything she demands for would be granted as a matter of course.


“You’re used to requesting things from others huh.”

“I’ll also have this make up for you not being able to give me a kiss. Though these sorts of special situations should naturally flow between an onee-sama and her little sister.”


“I guess you’re right. Well in exchange for the kiss then.”

I held Pecola in my arms. She was lighter than expected, almost like holding a blanket.

“I’m in onee-sama’s arms… The scene I’ve yearned for so much in my stories truly was so wonderful…”


Leica and Harukara were following behind and they didn’t look amused.


“Harukara-san, I might not be too big a fan of her.”

“If I had to say, then I’m not either. I think those sorts of ojou-samas need to have a taste of the harshness of society in order to grow. She should work in my factory while doing 80 extra hours of monthly overtime to see how it is.”


I couldn’t have imagined that Pecola’s being would incite the two this much… I’ll have to patch things up afterwards. I’m of the principle of keeping trouble at bay. It’s not like Pecola’s a bad person or anything. She doesn’t even seem to be holding any grudge against Harukara for headbutting and knocking her out.


“Ah, just now you were thinking about someone other than me onee-sama.”

Pecola puffed her cheeks a bit.

“I’m free to think of whatever I want right?”

“Yes but, while holding your little sister in a princess carry, It should be natural to be thinking of her right?”

Looks like a princess carry has its own set of rules.


“Well, what are your thoughts? Like ‘You’re really light aren’t you.’”

“Probably because your clothes are so magnificent, you’re pretty heavy.”

“Onee-sama is so mean.”

Once again, Pecola puffed her cheeks out but–

“Being toyed with by a mean onee-sama is also nice-”

In the end she seemed to be enjoying herself.


Along the way there were many demons who gave surprised looks, but didn’t say a thing. Seems like there weren’t any demons who would raise a complaint against the demon lord.

In front of the dining hall, Beelzebub and Vania were waiting. Beelzebub gave a slightly, no very fed up look.


“Demon lord-sama, aren’t you going a bit too far…?”

“That’s because there’s nobody in this world whom I’d recognize worthy enough to be my onee-sama. I’ve considered you as an onee-sama candidate Beelzebub-san, but you wouldn’t ever scold me even once.”

Pecola pursed her lips. She was quite the tomboy. Beelzebub and the others sure had it hard huh…


“Haah… Azusa could you diligently play as the role of her onee-sama? This is something that’s outside of my power.”

“Got it. I’ll keep it up for the next few days.”

“If possible, I’d like you to also come by here once every two months.”

Would this weird relationship I have with the demon lord continue on forever by any chance…? I might’ve gotten myself into something pretty gnarly…


“That’s right, would you also like to eat with us, Beelzebub-san? That subordinate of yours as well.”

In the end, it was the same members that were there for the party at my house plus the alpha of Pecola and Vania. Well, it’s great that things are lively.


The food of the demon’s royal court had strong flavors overall, but was quite good. I’m glad the food didn’t include anything like insects.


During the meal, Pecola called out to me incessantly with words like “Onee-sama, is there any alcohol you’d like to drink?”, “Onee-sama, if there’s any food that you like please let me know alright?”, “Onee-sama, onee-sama.”

“Could you behave a bit more like a demon lord……?”

“That would be so boring as it’ll just be like how it always is. I’d like to be onee-sama’s little sister till the very end.”


Now how could I use this authority I have over the demon lord…


“Afterwards would you tell me about the plants that grow around the demon territory? I’m thinking it might be useful when trying to come up with new kinds of medicine.”

“Yes! I’ll have the preparations carried out immediately!”

With this, we’d get some benefits back home, so I’d call that a win.


“Tomorrow is finally the day you’ll be given the medal of honor. I’m looking forward to it!”

“Now that you mention it, that was actually the main reason why we’re here…”

So then what kind of event will it actually be.


“Oh that’s right, you’re Leica-san correct?”

It was unusual for her to say a person’s name besides mine.

“Yes, what is it that you need, demon lord-sama?”

Pecola was clinging on to me even now, so Leica was still feeling a bit miffed.


“Tomorrow you’ll reunite with someone unexpected I think.”

“Excuse me?”

Pecola didn’t answer and smiled as if she was about to play a trick on her.

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