I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years – Chapter 85

The Medal of Honor Award Ceremony

The next day, I put on a dress and headed to the ceremony hall.

Just yesterday we had such an intense battle, but now we’re here in the ceremony hall that was decorated in flowers as if it all didn’t happen.

There were others besides us who weren’t demons and were being awarded. They were talking to each other nearby, and from the conversations I could pick up, they seemed to be scholars. It wasn’t a lie that the demons would be honoring all kinds of people in this ceremony.


“This is making me nervous, but I really can’t cause any more of a scene…”

The people I fought yesterday were here in the hall as well. As I passed them by, either one of us would start an awkward exchange of “Sorry about yesterday,” and “No, no, I’m sorry as well…”


I was a bit relieved upon seeing Beelzebub and Vania.

“Boy was I really worried there for a second.”

“That’s my line. That might’ve been the biggest pinch I’ve ever had to go through in my life… I thought that if I were to stick with you, I’d never be bored, but please spare me from anything like yesterday.”

Beelzebub seemed exhausted, her fluttering wings expressing the same emotion.


“I thought I was going to die… I had even resigned myself to at some point…”

Vania’s turned pale, an expression not exactly fit for this prestigious ceremony.

Next to Vania was a demon whose face resembled her’s.


“Who’s this?”

“I’m the leviathan Fahtra. The one everyone was riding on.”

“Ah, we were under your care. Thank you!”

“I’m part of the staff for today’s ceremony. Personally, I think flying through the air is much easier. I mean, handling reception means dealing with people right? When I’m flying, all I need to worry about is flying safely.”


I could get where she’s coming from. When heading to a work destination while riding in company vehicle, the ride itself was quite pleasant. If your boss wasn’t there, then you can freely chat or even stop by a convenience store to get some snacks.


“Well then, I’ll be serving you today. Here’s your drink for the ceremony.”

Fahtra offered me a glass with some kind of alcoholic beverage. It might just be a universal concept to have alcohol during occasions like this.


Leica and I took our glasses, but after that, Vahnia cut us short.

“Uhm… for those who tend to blackout after getting drunk, or those not good with alcohol, please drink water instead…”

Vahnia made an obvious glance towards Harukara.

“I understand… I’ll control myself…”

Things should move on smoothly so long as Harukara keeps up her guard. Knocking Pecola out was just an unfortunate accident.


“Give Farufa and Sharusha water as well, ok.”

Apparently slimes were bad at breaking down alcohol. You can kind of tell they were just by looking at them, so it was a bit of an obvious fact.


“I was a little worried about what kind of ceremony one held by the demon race would be, but it’s quite refined isn’t it, Azusa-sama.”

Leica, who very much let out the air of an ojou-sama, looked around the ceremony hall.

“As expected, you’re pretty familiar with ceremonies like these, aren’t you Leica.”

“I am. It’s not much different from the ones held by dragons. I’m sure things will proceed without any trouble.”


Leica, those words do nothing but set up flags, so please say no more…


— Then a soldier shouted out, “The demon lord-sama is entering-!”


Pecola appeared and was standing on a slightly elevated stage.


“Everyone, I thank you all for coming today at such a busy time. I am the demon lord Provat Pecola Aryess. I’d like to hurry and get started, and shall be awarding the medals out in order. First will be in the field of magic. For the great contributions given to raising the standards of defense strengthening magic, Mantoya-san.”


The person, who was the splitting image of a mage, received a medal-like object from Pecola.

Things looked pretty normal so far.


“Next would be in the field of nature — Noruelle-san for successfully cultivating blue roses.”

The one who came out out was an aged man who seemed completely clueless as to why he was called out to come here. It was easy to imagine that his summons from the demons to receive the medal came suddenly.


Afterwards, the awards continued on for various other fields. Probably due to Pecola’s personality, the ceremony was carried out in a rough, easygoing manner.


“Now then, next in the field of peace — the witch of the highland Azusa-san. Here.”

I shook her hand and then stood up at the front of the stage. I went through a load of trouble to receive this medal.


“Azusa-san is-”


However, Pecola started to give a teasing smile.


“The truth is, it’s not just Azusa-san.”

Hm? What did she mean by that?


Azusa-san ended the long standing feud between the red and the blue dragons. But while I’m at it, I would like to offer awards to the dragons as well.”

Pecola gazed towards Leica.


“Eh? Me…?”

Leica stood there with her finger pointed towards her own face. She then went over to shake the demon lord’s hand and made to also stand upon the stage.


“I see. That was a pretty good trick.”

It’s true that without Leica’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to put a stop to the feud.

But Pecola still had on a smile as if she were up to something. It kind of bothered me…


“The red dragon Leica-san has stepped on stage. Next there’s one more, the blue dragon Furattorute-san, please come here!”



Leica and I shouted in unison.

A girl with horns and a dragon’s tail opened the door and entered.

There was no mistake. It was Furattorute in her human form.


“Furattorute-san also contributed in ensuring that no more disputes occurred from the blue dragon’s side. I would like to congratulate her as well.”

“You really like surprising people don’t you.”

Furattorute nervously got up on the stage. As expected, lining up beside Leica was awkward for her. The same could be said for Leica though.


“I-It’s been a while Leica…”


“Now then, I’ll be giving the award to each of you now~”

How she was just letting us hold the single medal one by one showed how haphazardly she was handling this.


“With this, the peace between the dragons have been sanctioned. If any conflicts are to erupt once more, then know that that would be the same as smearing dirt on my face as the demon lord. I’ll be in your care then.”

Pecola let out a grin.

I see. This was her idea to further ensure that any discord between the dragons would not occur.


“I, I understand… The blue dragons will abstain  from doing so…”

Furattorute was shaking pretty badly. Even the dragons were scared of the demon lord, huh.

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